Efficacy, Benefits, and How to Concoct Kaempferia Rotunda L.

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Herbs from Indonesia

This recipe for traditional natural medicine and the following uses, is extracted from the results of BPPT (IPTEKnet) research with CODATA ICSU Indonesia which was realized in 2002.

Other Names of Kaempferia Rotunda L.:

Latin: Kaemferia rotunda L. Javanese: temu rapet, ardong. Sundanese: kunir putih. Madurese: konce pet. Malay: temu putri, temu rapet.

General Information about Kaempferia Rotunda L.:

Kaempferia Rotunda is a plant that can grow in lowlands with an altitude of less than 750 m above sea level.

The Kaempferia Rotunda plant is found in Sumatra and Java. In addition, it is also found in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Kaempferia Rotunda can also be found wild in several places in eastern Java to an altitude of less than 750 m above sea level.

The Kaempferia Rotunda or white turmeric plant is also often called white turmeric or “Curcuma alba”, as the wrong latin name.

Kaempferia Rotunda has beautiful patterned leaves and does not grow tall so the figure resembles ornamental plants so it is often planted in the yard or in pots.

Apart from being used as a mixture of traditional herbal medicine, Kaempferia Rotunda is also often used for traditional cosmetics.

In general, Kaempferia Rotunda is categorized as an annual plant with a height of between 30 and 70 cm.

This plant grows to clump with pseudo stems that grow from its roots.

Kaempferia Rotunda has single leaves with leaf strands with lanceolate shapes and between 20-30 cm long and 7.5-10 cm wide.

The leaves have a pointed tip, the base is shattered, the edges are flat, the color is light green with the center patterned brown.

Kaempferia Rotunda has flowers that come out of the rhizome with a very short artificial stem.

Flowers can grow clustered, often blooming several florets at once, reddish purple in color.

In addition, Kaempferia Rotunda has fleshy roots forming a not too large rhizome, which is about the size of a quail egg.

Substances Contained and Efficacy of Medicines from Kaempferia Rotunda L.:

The composition of the ingredients contained in the key pepet plants is quite a lot, including in the rhizome there are asiri oils which are light yellow, somewhat smelly, contain borneol, cineol, methyl khavikol, and saponins.

How to process and concoct Kaempferia Rotunda L.:

1. To treat swelling, bruising and boils.

  • Prepare a fresh Kaempferia Rotunda parent rhizome.
  • Wash thoroughly.
  • Mash until smooth
  • If using a dry rhizome, add a little water.
  • Paste the results on a part of the body that is bruised or swollen.
  • Then wrap

2. To remove the wind from the stomach.

  • Prepare one teaspoonful of Kaempferia Rotunda powder.
  • Brew the ingredients with a cup of hot water.
  • Then close it.
  • Wait until it’s cold.
  • Drink the line.

That’s all we can inform, hopefully this will be useful.

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