Efficacy, Benefits, and How to Concoct Zinnia Elegans or Youth-and-age

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This recipe for traditional natural medicine and the following uses, is extracted from the results of BPPT (IPTEKnet) research with CODATA ICSU Indonesia which was realized in 2002.

Other Names of Zinnia Elegans or Youth-and-age:

Latin: Zinnia elegans Jacq. Other Regional Languages: Kembang Ratna. Mandarin Chinese: Bai fi ju.

General Information about Zinnia Elegans or Youth-and-age:

Zinnia Elegans or Youth-and-age are plants that like open places that are exposed to sunlight.

Many flowers are planted in groups in gardens or in the yard as ornamental plants or flowers are used as cut flowers.

In general, paper flowers are categorized as a growing number of years erect and coarse-haired this is about 30-50 cm tall.

Zinnia Elegans or Youth-and-age have leaves that are green and face to face. Leaf leaves are elongated in shape, pointed ends, base embraces stems, flat edges, curved leaf bones.

Zinnia Elegans or Youth-and-age have flowers like daisies, with diverse colors such as dark red, pink, yellow or purplish blue coming out of the end of the stem.

Substances Contained and Efficacy of Medicines from Zinnia Elegans or Youth-and-age:

Zinnia Elegans or Youth-and-age contains

How to process and concoct Zinnia Elegans or Youth-and-age:

To treat pus urine, dysentery, boils (furunculosis), and pain in the nipples (papilla mammae):

  • Take all parts of the paper plants as much as 10 to 30 grams
  • Clean them all
  • Boil them
  • Drink the results
  • Use it for external use: by grinding until smooth paper flowers, then put it on the affected part.

That’s all we can inform, hopefully this will be useful.

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