Efficacy, Benefits, and How to Concoct Benalu or Parasite

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This recipe for traditional natural medicine and the following uses, is extracted from the results of BPPT (IPTEKnet) research with CODATA ICSU Indonesia which was realized in 2002.

Other Names of Benalu or Parasite:

Latin: Loranthus, Spec. div. Parasite. Javanese: Kemladean.

General Information about Benalu or Parasite:

Parasols develop and live as parasites and attach to other branches of trees and suck minerals that dissolve in wood trees.

Plants and trees that are attached to many parasites are also dead. Unlike plants in general, parasitic plants grow and develop without the need for media land.

Always has a unisexual flower. Parasites have fruit seeds that contain sap. The way to breed parasites is through animals or birds that eat the parasitic seeds.

The order and breeding pathway of parasites is very simple, namely the gummy parasite seeds that are eaten by animals or birds.

Then the parasitic seeds are attached to branches of wood branches together with the feces of birds that eat them, and grow on the branches.

Substances Contained and Efficacy of Medicines from Benalu or Parasite:

In general, parasite plants are efficacious as a medicine for measles.

For parasitic plants that attach to lemon juice (citrus aurantifolia from the family plant rutaceae) can be used as a medicinal herb for tonsils and types of parasitic plants that attach to tea are often used as anti-cancer drugs.

How to process and concoct Benalu or Parasite:

1. To Treat Measles Disease

  • Prepare 1-2 stems of parasites, and fennel pulasari to taste.
  • Mash all the ingredients until smooth.
  • Use as powder for those who suffer from measles

2. To Treat Tumors and Cancer Disease

  • Prepare as many as 1-2 parasitic sticks attached to 1 tea tree, 1 stem of alang-alang grass, and palawaras fennel to taste.
  • Boil all the ingredients with 3 cups of water.
  • Wait until boiling, strain the results.
  • Drink 1 cup once a day

That’s all we can inform, hopefully useful.

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