Efficacy, Benefits, and How to Concoct Cananga Odorata or Kenanga

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Herbs from Indonesia

This recipe for traditional natural medicine and the following uses, is extracted from the results of BPPT (IPTEKnet) research with CODATA ICSU Indonesia which was realized in 2002.

Other Names of Cananga Odorata:

Latin: Canangium odoratum, (Lamk.), Hook and Thorms. Javanese: Wangsa. Basa Sunda: Kananga. Balinese: Sandat kananga, Sadat wangsa. Acehnese language: Selanga. Sasak Language: Sandat. Nias Language: Ngana-ngana. Minahasa language: Lalangiran, amok, wungurer, pum-pum, luit.

General Information about Cananga Odorata:

One of the flowers that is familiar to our ears is cananga.

Therefore Kenanga is often kept to be picked flowers. Many cananga grows wild and is easy to grow in low-lying areas ranging in height from 25-1000 meters above sea level.

Kenanga is a plant with large trunks to a diameter of 0.1-0.7 meters with decades of age.

Kenanga has a brittle (easily broken) stem at a young age, with a tree height that can reach 5-20 meters.

Kenanga has flowers that will appear on tree trunks or tree branches with specific flower arrangements.

Then a kenanga flower consists of 6 leaves with yellow crowns and 3 pieces of green leaves.

In addition, the flower arrangement is compound with forks. It turns out that kenanga flowers are fragrant and distinctive.

Substances Contained and Efficacy of Medicines from Cananga Odorata:

The composition of substances contained in cananga is quite a lot, including containing typical oil.

The efficacy of natural remedies from cananga that are often proven by people is to treat malaria, asthma, shortness of breath, bronchitis, herbal medicine after childbirth.

How to process and concoct Cananga Odorata:

1. To Treat Malaria and Asthma.

  • Prepare 3 dried flowers of the cananga flower.
  • The ingredients have to boil with 1 cup of hot water and close tightly.
  • Strain and drink regularly.

2. To Cure Shortness of Breath Disease.

  • Prepare ½ handful of Kenanga flowers and 1 ½ tablespoon of white sugar.
  • Boil the ingredients with 1 cup of hot water to boil until ½ cup.
  • Strain and drink regularly early in the morning.

3. To Treat Bronchitis.

  • Prepare 2 kenanga flowers.
  • Boil with 1 cup of hot water until it boils to ½ cup.
  • Filter and drink regularly early in the morning.

As a Healthy Herb After Childbirth.

  • Prepare young cananga flowers, kayu rapet, pegatsih, kunci pepet, kunyit, jongrahab, jalawe, and jakeling.
  • Mash all the ingredients until smooth.
  • Bring them in hot water. Filter the results.
  • Drink it

That’s all we can inform, hopefully this will be useful.

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